What strategies would one use to help one stay on track to meet their personal, career, and educational goals?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that there are two strategic ways to progress with this topic.  If the first exists in higher education, I think that this is where the role of academic advising becomes essential.  I believe that there needs to be a stronger component of academic advising in the undergraduate and graduate level to ensure that students are able to fully reflect on their personal, career, and educational goals and ensure that all of them converge with a choice of study and direction to it.  The strategy of academic advising enables student to feel validated in their choices and in what they do.  It also ensures that there is a sense of focus to why students do what they do.  If handled correctly, academic advising is a strong strategy that ensures that there is convergence between one's career goals that have been fostered through the personal choices made and the educational path taken.  It is important for the academic advising component to be evident in the academy and for this outreach to be evident to all students.

In the business realm, I sense that there might be a more specialized approach taken.  The workplace should involve more discussion between employees and between employees and management in how there can be an appreciation of individual differences along with an alignment of personal, career, and educational goals.  It is a bit more nuanced in the workplace, but the strategy of articulation in different forums where individuals are talking openly about their career goals and how education is a part of this as well as the reflection of their personal element in this is a strategy that can ensure that the individual is keeping track of their own beliefs, their actions taken in line with these beliefs, and the tool of education as a part of this.  In both strategies, the ability to discuss and openly keep track of where people are in relation to where they need to be is a part of the process that drives individuals and enables them to keep track of what they do and how they can achieve it.

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