What strategies can be used for promoting democracy in non-democratic countries?

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a great question. I think for democracy to work, we need to encourage three things.

First, we need to give education to people. The reason for this is simple. If people are going to take responsibility for decisions and the course of the country, then they need to be educated.

Second, there needs to be a certain level of development in the economy. If a country is poor, then there are other things to think about instead of governance. So, if we can stimulate the economy, this will go a long way.

Third, greater interation with other nations or globalization will help, as people see the benefits of democracy. Moreover, they will be able to see a working model.

journalistabid | Student

promoting democracy is very much important, I think one of the best way to promote democracy is to educate the masses about their rights, when they got what are their rights i think it would be democracy....

Higher Education Commission of Pakistan's chairman also said the same few days ago...

i think democracy there just needs integrity.

journalistabid | Student

I would like to add some more in my above answer. 

to promote democracy we have to promote about what the rights people have and how they can get their rights. In most of the countries situation is very bad they are just living their life without any mission as their rulers wanted them to act they act like that. 

They don't have their own will, every thing is impose on them by rulers. If they know their rights then obviously they would wake up one day to protest