What are the strategies of the American rebels that gained them victory over a formidable British military?

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There were a few main strategies that were deployed by the American rebels in the Revolutionary War.  Let us look at three of them.

One of these strategies was guerrilla warfare.  We should not overstate the extent to which the Americans used this strategy.  However, there were times and places where they Americans did act as guerrillas.  One example of this was the fighting in the South in the later parts of the Revolution.  Leaders like Nathanael Greene and Francis Marion used guerrilla tactics to frustrate and wear down the British.

A second strategy was to enlist help from outside sources.  The Americans would have had a much harder time winning the war had they not been able to get help from France.  French money, as well as French military power, was instrumental in allowing the Americans to win.  This help allowed the Americans to fight real battles (not just guerrilla skirmishes) such as the one at Yorktown.

The final strategy that we will look at here is the strategy of simply wearing the British out.  The Americans did not really try to attack the British aggressively.  They did not try to win the war militarily.  Instead, they tried to keep their military forces in existence for long enough to frustrate the British and to make them feel that the war could not be won. 

Through guerrilla warfare and through getting help from the French, the Americans were able to devise a strategy that wore the British out until they concluded that the war was not worth fighting any longer.

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