What is the strange series of events that begins for Richard Hannay?

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One day, when Richard Hannay is going back home as usual, a man who lives in a flat on the top floor of the same building asks to speak to him in Richard’s flat. Richard lets him in and the man named Franklin Scudder tells him a strange story. He says a wicked group is plotting to get European countries at war by assassinating the Greek Prime Minister Constantine Karolides when he visits London on June 15. He is being chased by that group because he has learned of the plot. He has planted a body in his flat, hoping that people will think he’s dead. Richard agrees to provide shelter for Scudder, but a few days later, he finds him murdered in his flat. Richard immediately realizes that the group has found Scudder and will probably murder him too, so he flees to Scotland with an important notebook Scudder has hidden in his tobacco jar and starts a patriotic adventure.

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