What is the conflict in ‘‘Boys and Girls’’?

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The conflict in the story is character-versus-society. In Boys and Girls, the unnamed narrator is a girl who lives on a fox farm. Her father is a fox farmer, while her mother is a homemaker. The narrator has a younger brother named Laird. Before she falls asleep every night, the narrator entertains herself with made-up stories about her own heroic exploits. In each of her stories, she is courageous, bold, and self-sacrificing. The narrator imagines herself rescuing people from a bombed building, shooting two rabid wolves that are terrorizing a schoolyard, and riding a magnificent horse down Main Street in acknowledgement of some act of heroism.

The narrator revels in her imaginary, nightly exploits, as her reality is much different during the daytime. As a rule, she is usually in the house helping her mother with the ceaseless work of canning, cooking, and food preparation. During the summer, there are baskets of peaches, grapes, pears, onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers waiting to be...

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