What is the story theme for Easter Sunday Morning

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a0542959 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Easter Sunday Morning by Harriet Campbell has a simple but elegant theme. Mother White is known to be a strongly religious woman in town-- as the text says, "Mother White was not an ordinary villager...a bush bath by Mother White could cure the most serious disease". She could also cast out evil spirits. However, Mother White's own son sins and she does not seem to have the ability to save him. Shortly thereafter, we learn that Mother White begins taking communion and a child believes to have sin her spitting out the communion sacrament. AS the story progresses, we learn that Mother White is actually using the sacrament for something else and later on it seems that it may be for Satanic purposes (when the pastor is preaching about the sacrifice of Christ and the storm clouds appear). When Mother White is refused the sacrament, she throws a very strange fit--where her head spins around and she screams strange things. One interpretation could be that Mother White was not casting out evil spirits but actually taking them upon herself.

Back to the theme! It seems that the theme of this story is that if something sounds too good to be true it probably is. Mother White seemed to be extremely skilled in disarraying the dark arts--and it turned out that the reason she was so skilled was that she was a practitioner of the dark arts!

literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"Easter Sunday Morning," by Hazel O. Campbell, is a short story which tells of a church that experiences a very unusual Easter Sunday.

The congregation has accepted the behavior of Mother White (an excentric woman). At each communion, Mother White keeps the wafer and spits her sip of wine into a small bottle. The church memebers see this and voice their concern to the parson. On Easter Sunday, the parson refuses to give Mother White communion. She throws a fit and scares all of the church members.

The theme seen in the story is fear. The congregation feared everything about Mother White. Without Mother White's frighting actions on that Easter Morning, the parish would not have reflected upon God in the way that they did. Mother White's actions allowed the members to reflect on what their faith meant to them.