What is the story or plot for the " Sweeney Agonistes" play by "T.S.Eliot", and who are the characters in the play?

sumo | Student

Sweeney Agonistes is a fragment of an early play. With its jazz rhythms, songs and symbols it portrays in contemptuous satire, the boredom, emptiness and pessismism of its day. It has an existential overtone with an uncanny sense of futility with little character development or dramatic conflict.


The characters named in the play are dusty and doris who are two female flatmates at the time of WW1 set in London. They are discussing Sam and Pereira (much preferring Sam over the latter male to invite over) when four males from the war come to their apartment. Additionally in the second half of the play two other men serve as minstrels later in the play when sweeney appears and puts a proposition to Doris.

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