What is the story of the opera, Aida?

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Aida is one of the most famous operas by Giuseppe Verdi. It is a four act opera and takes place in ancient Egypt. The basic plot is as follows:

Aida is an Ethiopian princess, who is captured and detained in Egypt. Ethiopia and Egypt are sworn enemies. However, what complicates matters is that Radames, who is one of the great military commanders of Egypt loves her. So, he is torn between love for her and his love and duty for his land, Egypt. In addition, Pharaoh's daughter, Amneris, also loves him.

Amneris feels as though Radames does not love her. She suspects that he loves Aida. So, she lies to Aida and tells her that Radames died in the battle. When she sees Aida's response, she realizes that the two are in love. When Radames comes back home victorious, he is given Amneris's hand in marriage by Pharoah.

In a secret meeting Radames gives Aida and her father information on how to escape. However, Radames is detected and forced into an underground crypt to die. When he is there, he finds out that Aida has hidden herself there as well. They die together in love.


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story of 2 lovers caught in the turbulance of war

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