What is the story of Christmas?What is the story of Christmas?

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a great question and an important on in a time where people have forgotten what Christmas is really about. In short, Christmas is not a time for just exchanging gifts! Christmas is preeminently a Christian holiday that celebrates and remembers the incarnation of God's son, Jesus. Matthew and Luke (two New Testament gospels) offer the basic story of how this came to be. They state that God sent his only Son, Jesus, in a mission of salvation on account of his love for people. So, Jesus was born to Mary and Joseph in a manger in poverty and humility. For the gospel writers this poverty and humility is important, because they portray Jesus, not as a typical king, but a special one that will ultimately die on the cross to deliver his people from the ultimate enemy - death and sin. The basic logic is this: Jesus takes our sins, issues, brokenness and dies for them on the cross and simultaneously give us his life, righteousness and life. Christmas, then, is the celebration of the beginning of this work of salvation.

drmonica eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Christmas Story is the telling of the birth of Jesus Christ. Christianity teaches that Mary was visited by an angel who told her that she would give birth to the Son of God, even though she was a virgin. Mary's husband, Joseph, took her to Bethlehem for the census and taxation that was called by Caesar Augustus. While they were there, Mary gave birth to her child in a stable manger, where they were sleeping because all of the inns were full.

My favorite version of The Christmas Story is the King James Version of Luke, Chapter 2. It captures in beautiful, poetic language the essence of Christ's birth. It also details the visit of the angel to the shepherds to announce Christ's birth.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The basic story of Christmas in the Christian religion is that it is the day that we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ is believed to be the son of God (yet also a part of God).  Christians believe that Jesus Christ sent to Earth to be a sacrifice for the sins of the world and allow people to be saved.

The story goes that God made Jesus's mother, Mary, pregnant even though she was still a virgin.  She and her husband, Joseph (she was just engaged to him when she got pregnant -- that's why she was still virgin) go to Bethlehem where Jesus is born.

There is no mention in the Bible as to when in the year Jesus was born, but we celebrate it today.

booksnmore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To Christians, the Christmas Story is the story of hope for the world. The above posters have summarized it, but additionally, I'll mention that the birth of Christ was foretold in the Old Testament. One of my favorite renderings of the story is told through music, that of Handel's Messiah. The text is taken straight from the Bible, including prophecies of the Christ who is to come.

lrwilliams eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The story of Christmas seems to be lost in the everyday hustle and bustle of buying gifts, decorating houses, and putting up the Christmas tree. It is however as stated above the celebration of the birth of Jesus. The following scripture will give you an account of the birth of Jesus, according to the New Testament

Matthew 1:18-25; Matthew 2:1-12; Luke 1:26-38; Luke 2:1-20

accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yep - as epollock points out, more information is needed to answer your question properly. There are many stories that are part of the festival of Christmas, but I assume you are referring above all to the Christian story behind Christmas, which tells of the birth of Christ to a virgin, Mary, and her husband, Joseph, in Bethlehem.

epollock | Student

The basic story plot is found in the Gospel of Matthew 2:1-12, and Luke 1:26-38. If you are asking about the story of a Santa like character, one who gives presents, then that one is taken from a German folk tale.

versatilekamini | Student

This Christmas story gives a biblical account of the events surrounding the birth of Jeus Christ. Mary a virgin, was living in Galilee of Nazareth and was engaged to be married to Joseph a Jewish carpenter.

An angel visited her and explained to her that she would conceive a son by the power of the Holy Sprit.She would carry and give birth to this child and she would name him Jesus.The angel explained that the child would be God's own Son and, therefore, "nothing is impossible with God."


mkcapen1 | Student

The story of Christmas is a part of the Christian belief system and is documented in the New Testament.  It is based on biblical text.  It tells of the immaculate conception of the Son of God.  The events occur in the Middle East at a time of Herrod's rule.  The girl, Mary, pregnant with child, is married to a good man, Joseph.  The census is being called and all citizens must go to be registered and accounted.  Mary is very pregnant and due soon, but due to the law, she and Joseph are obligated to make the pilgrimage.  It is a rough journey and upon arriving in Bethlehem they can not get a room at any inn due to the massive droves of people who also had to go to the city to register for the census.

Only a stable/manager is available where Mary and Joseph can rest for the night.  During the night Mary goes into labor and delivers the Christ child, God's divine son.  God places a bright star in the sky which leads the shepards and wise men to the manager.  All bow down with respect before the Son of God who has been sent to set man free from his sins and open the door to the Kingdom of Heaven.