What is the story of "As birds bring forth the sun" all about?

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skipperb eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"As Birds Bring Forth the Sun" introduces the reader to a multi-generational family traumatized by the tragic death of a distant relative killed by the puppies of their great great grandfather's beloved grey dog, and the death of the sons who witnessed the tragedy--one, from drinking, the other, from a violent beating after a fight with a group of men with grey hair.

The narrator of the story returns to the present describing how two brothers are by their father's bedside fearing that the curse of the grey dog still haunts the family.

The traumatic experience is passed on from generation to generation, impacting the future of current family members even though they did not witness the tragedy directly. The current family fears that their father's memory of the tragedy may reduce his chances of survival.

Thus, the current generation relives the tragedy and it haunts them.

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