What is the story behind the marriage bed of Gram and Gramps in Walk Two Moons?

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The "most precious thing" to Gramps in the whole world is his and Gram's marriage bed. Gramps and all his brothers had been born in that bed, and all of Gramps' and Gram's children were born there as well.

Gramps tells the story about how he came to own the bed by first explaining how he met Gram. Gramps had been only seventeen years old at the time, and fell in love with Gram the minute he saw her. Gramps describes Gram as a wild thing, "with...long hair as silky as a filly's...untamed...ornery and beautiful." Gramps followed Gram "like a sick, old dog for twenty-two days," then finally worked up the nerve to ask her father if he could marry her. Gram's father gave his permission, provided Gram would have Gramps; but when Gramps asked Gram to marry him, she interrogated him about how he treated his dog. Gramps answered her seemingly random questions, and Gram was pleased with his responses, concluding that if he was good to his dog, he would be even kinder to her. Gramps and his father and brothers built him a house, and Gramps and Gram were married three months later.

During the wedding supper, Gramps' father and brothers were absent, and Gramps was hoping that they were not off planning to kidnap him to share a bottle of whiskey before his wedding night. Fortunately, such was not the case, and after supper, Gramps picked up Gram in his arms and carried her across the meadow to their little house. When the new couple entered, Gramps was brought to tears, because there, in the bedroom, stood his parents' bed, the one he and all his brothers had been born in.

Gramps loves his marriage bed because of the history and sentimental value behind it, and he aften says,

"That bed has been around my whole entire life, and I'm going to die in that bed, and then that bed will know everything there is to know about me" ("The Marriage Bed").

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