Please suggest some eNotes pages related to "The Six fingers of Time" or tell me what the story is about.

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booboosmoosh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"The Six Fingers of Time" is about a man who wakes one morning to find that the passage of time has altered.  He is moving very quickly while the rest of the world moves very, very slowly.  At first he thinks the people he sees are dead, but soon realizes that they are moving very slowly. He comes out of the state, having accomplished a great deal.

He meets a man without a face in bar, and the main character (Charles Vincent) talks to him at length.  The man knows about this time "trick" that Charles uses to accomplish many things in the fraction of the time.  And he gives Charles the information he needs to replicate the ability to move beyond the limits of time.

Ultimately, Charles has read and studied a great deal,  but he is starting to look older and unwell.  He is told by the man with no face that there is another level to the time movement, and that he can save himself if he learns it.  He chooses not to learn it, but believes that he has discovered something the group of men with no faces don't know.

As he stops to rest for a moment before writing it down, he falls asleep and dies.  His doctor notes that he was a thirty year-old man, who had aged to an advanced number of years.  The doctor thinks that perhaps he should look into this odd situation, but then decides to leave well enough alone: "to let sleeping dragons lie."

Whatever he suspects, he leaves the situation untouched, and refrains from investigation, somehow able to understand that some things should be left alone and not meddled with.