What stories and novellas can I compare Conrad's "The Secret Sharer" to?

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There are several texts which one could use to compare Joseph Conrad's story "The Secret Sharer" to.

1. Under the Trees: Written by Ashley Maker. Prince Thoredmund harbors runaway Arawy (she is running from an arranged marriage). His desire to help her outweighs any thoughts of consequences.

2. Blink: Written by Ted Dekker. Seth Border helps Miriam escape from an arranged marriage. Again, Seth (like Thoredmund) does not think about the full consequences when helping. While Seth is not actually harboring a fugitive, the story shows the impact a cry for help has on an individual.

3. "A Jury of Her Peers": Written by Susan Glaspell. A story of murder and evidence against the accused. Shows the compassion women felt for one another and why they would stand up fro another woman.

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