What do the stories of feral children tell us about the importance of socialization? 

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Stories of feral children tell us a lot about the importance of socialization. First of all, feral children struggle significantly with language. If they are not spoken to, and do not have to engage in any conversation with another person, they do not have the tools to learn how to speak and use words. Also, feral children do not know how to interact with other people. A common response to another person approaching them is to show fear. In addition, a feral child would not know and understand the day to day activities that are important. For example, they do not know how to eat with utensils, how to properly use the bathroom, how to brush their teeth, or even how to play games with other children. The child would also not know and understand a range of emotions. A feral child does not comprehend the way others are feeling. Socialization makes it possible for all of us to function completely as human beings in our daily lives. 

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