What is Steve's reason for being in the convenience store in Monster?  

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According to both Osvaldo and Richard "Bobo" Evans, Steve's part in the robbery was to walk into the convenience store to see if there were any police officers. Steve was then supposed to give a signal to Bobo and James King as he walked out of the store to let them know that the coast was clear. When Steve walked out of the store, he gave no signal to Bobo or King, which they assumed meant that there were no police in the store. When it is Steve's turn to testify, he says that he never entered the convenience store. Steve tells Petrocelli that he was walking around the neighborhood, taking mental notes of places to film for his school project. However, on Saturday, July 11th, Steve mentions that he simply walked into the drugstore to look for some mints and then walked out. In addition to Steve admitting that he was in the store looking for mints, there are several pictures taken from a security camera in the store of Steve walking through the isles. Dean specifically makes Steve's actions obscure for the reader to draw their own conclusions regarding why he decided to enter the store and left without giving an explicit signal. Steve says that he was simply looking for mints, but he was supposed to be checking to see if any police were on duty.

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