What is stereo mutation?  Explain with suitable examples.

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I searched for stereo mutation in chemistry, but found nothing.  Perhaps you are talking about isomerism, which has a form called stereoisomerism.  Isomerism occurs among organic compounds that have the same chemical formula, but have different arrangements of the atoms that make up that molecule.  This can give the compound differing fuctional properties as a result of the location of specific functional groups within the overall structure of the molecule.  For example, theobromine, which is found in chocolate, is a known vasodilator with effects similar to those found in caffiene.  If one of the methyl groups is repositioned geometrically within the molecule, the isomer becomes theophylline.  Theophylline has the properties of bronchodilation and anti-inflammatory action.  Organic compounds are those consisting primarily of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen groups.


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