Discuss the steps taken by the UN for world peace.

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The United Nations Security Council is the foremost element through which the UN helps to deliver on its promise of world peace.  The members of the Security Council pledge their loyalty and nation's support behind the UN Charter.  This document stresses the need to eliminate war and promote peace out of a reality that depicts the "untold sorrow" of war.  The Security Council is the most powerful element that the United Nations has in ensuring world peace because its member nations pledge their sovereign support of it.  Through its declarations on Genocide and Human Rights, the Security Council is able to monitor areas of the world and governments that act in opposition to the Security Council's pledge to maintain peace.  It is through the Security Council where peacekeeping forces and peacekeeping missions are adopted and implemented.  These initiatives are designed to maintain peace in the world and eliminate the threats that exist to this fundamental belief of the Security Council and the Charter which is signed as a result of it.  In this, the United Nations Security Council becomes one of the strongest and most powerful ways in which the United Nations is able to take active steps towards world peace.