What are the steps to solving for x in this equation?  2x + 6 = - (-8)I'll understand it better if I see it worked step by step

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The aim of any equation is to find out the value or values of the variable that cancel the given expression.

The first step is to re-write -(-8) = 8. The double negative sign makes a value positive.

2x + 6 = 8

Now, we'll subtract 6 both sides in order to isolate the variable x to the left side:

2x = 8 - 6

2x = 2

Now, we'll divide by 2 and we'll get:

x = 2/2

x = 1

So, the solution of the equation is x = 1.

We'll verify the solution into equation, substituting the variable by the value 1:

2*1 + 6 = 8

2 + 6 = 8

8 = 8

So, the solution is x = 1.

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Remember that 2 negatives make a positive. Rewrite equ along those terms: 2x+6=8

Since this is addition, the opposite operation is..? (subtraction) -- Subtract both sides by 6: 2x=2

Opposite operation of multiplication? (Division) -- Divide both sides by 2 to isolate x: x=1

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 2x + 6 = - (-8)

distribute the minus sign in front of the parentheses, so youll end up with:

2x + 6 = 8

now you need to get x alone, So you have to minus 6 on both sides:

2x + 6 - 6 = 8 - 6

this will get rid of the 6:

2x = 2

and your goal is still to get x alone, but the 2 is in the way so divide by 2

x = 1

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This is what is known, as a "multi-step" equation. In order to solve equations like these, you should know the rule: Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally. Please= parentheses; excuse= exponents; my= multiplication; dear= division; aunt= addition; sally= subtraction. IN THIS ORDER!!!!! In the equation 2x + 6 = -(-8) start off with your first rule. Look on both sides of the equal sign for parentheses. There is a set on the right-hand side. We know that two negatives make a positive, so you can immediately change your problem to 2x + 6 = 8. Next, look on both sides for exponents- there are none. Now, look for multiplication, division, etc. There is no multiplication, division, etc to perform on either side, however now you need to get the variable by itself. We left off with 2x + 6 = 8. Get the "2x" by itself, so subtract 6 from both sides. You should get 2x = 2. Now, get the "x" completely by itself. Divide both sides by the coefficient, which is "2". You should now get x = 1. This is your final answer.