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What steps should a person follow to care for a horse's feet?

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To start with, you should always be sure to check a horse's hooves for rocks, nails, and other debris that can get stuck in the hoof or under the shoe. Second, be sure to check the hoof itself for cracks, blisters, or signs of disease. A horse's hoof is similar to human fingernails in that it is somewhat fragile and requires regular observation and proper nutrition to keep in good condition. Biotin is very good for hooves, much like for fingernails, and without proper vitamins/nutrition, a horse's hooves can become brittle and crack, causing more problems in the future. It's important to determine what's normal for a particular horse day-to-day, too, especially regarding characteristics such as temperature, look, and texture, as hooves will vary between horses. It's good to establish what's normal for an individual horse through regular observation.

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