What steps should India take to become a prosperous and secure nation in the next five years?What steps should India take to become a prosperous and secure nation in the next five years?

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India is on the right track. They are developing an economy based on outsourcing and customer service. In order to be successful, they need to develop the poor parts of the country and make sure the untouchable people get their chance to develop. The whole country will benefit.
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The trouble with education in very many developing nations is that in regions where a particular course is not available, or taught better overseas, families and nations find the funds to send their young students overseas in the hopes that they will return and spread their new knowledge throughout others up and coming in their own nation. Quite often though, when they see the jobs on offer abroad or meet someone - they don't. A good idea is to develop the home universities.

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This one will evoke a great deal of divergence in thought.  I would submit that India should continue what it is doing in terms of being seen as a world leader in fields such as information technology and customer service.  India will need to continue to develop innovation in such domains to continue their current state of economic growth.  I would also submit that India must begin to model some of the tendencies in Western democracy in order to ensure this base of competitiveness can continue.  For example, I think India needs to engage in some reflection regarding their educational systems and facilities.  This will mean that Indians from all backgrounds should reflect on what constitutes quality education, how to ensure that as many people as possible receive it, and how does one account for the variances in learning and comprehension of content.  As the world becomes more globalized and ideas are shared more freely, I think India needs to adapt to this setting with a new paradigm that evaluates education in a more democratic and egalitarian manner.  This will not ensure increase the effectiveness of education in a nation whose divinity reveres knowledge, but will ensure greater competitiveness in the future.

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It is very easy to make india a developed nation.

Simply teach and add up basic life skills /soft skills / personalality development skills techniques  or, success sysstem techniques  in the main streams of 
indian education system  at school and university levels.
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Mainly focus on economic growth

make sure that the results of development reach every corner of the country..

keep a strong stand on cross border terrorism and intra-nation terrorism

develop its infrastructure and education...