What are the steps involved in becoming a police officer? What type of training is required?

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There are a number of entry levels in the police force, depending on the country. One can enter at lowest level (constable), or at a medium level (sub-inspector, etc.) or a higher level (police services, at Commissioner level, for example in India). There is some minimum educational requirement for entry into the police force and it is typically college level education (an undergraduate or baccalaureate degree, although for some entry levels a high school diploma may be sufficient). Depending on the level of entry, the entrance process may be slightly different. Generally, a written test followed by a physical examination is conducted. If the entry is at a higher level, multiple levels of examination (a two-stage written examination, interviews and a physical examination) may be conducted. Sometimes, experienced officers from the armed forces may also be directly recruited. In the US, interested candidates are recruited into the training academy and undergo 12-14 weeks of training. In other countries and depending on the entry level, the training period may be 6 months or longer.

The training involves classroom lectures, physical and arms training. The classroom training involves knowledge of civil rights, laws, police protocols and procedures, etc. 

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