What steps did the United States take to increase its role in Postwar world? What are some of the cooperation efforts that came about post WWII?

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dbello eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After WWII the United States took a more active role in world affairs in the following ways:

1- the U.S. was instrumental in the creation of The United Nations

2- The Truman Doctrine was a policy which implied that America had an obligation to assist nations subject to communist aggression--after Congressional funding it was known as the 'Containment Policy'

3- to stabilize the European economy and strengthen nations vulnerable to communist aggression Congress passed The European Recovery Act to the tune of 12 billion dollars, later referred to as The Marshall Plan

4- The Marshall Plan made it possible for several projects in Western Europe; European Coal and Steel Community, European Economic Community, European Parliment, and the European Union.

5- N.A.T.O.- The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was an American effort created to unite the nations of Western Europe with the United States and Canada against any aggression from the Soviet Union.