What steps did the Allies take to promote growth in the postwar global economy?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The United States took steps to promote growth in the post-World War II global economy. One step it took was to help make the economy in the United States stronger. The GI Bill of Rights helped our economy grow. The GI Bill of Rights provided loans to soldiers who used the money to buy homes or to create new businesses. It also provided funds for veterans to get an education. These activities allowed our economy to grow and to be strong. If our economy would be strong, we would be in a better position to help other countries develop a strong economy. We could also use our economy as a model to do this.

The United States also provided economic aid to other countries after World War II ended. This was done to help keep communism from spreading to these countries. The European Recovery Program was created to accomplish this goal. For example, we provided aid to Greece and Turkey to help keep those countries noncommunist. We also helped rebuild Japan’s economy after World War ended.

The United States was involved in promoting global economic growth after World War II ended.