What does Steady Eddie ask Bud if he can take in Bud, Not Buddy?

Expert Answers
Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The band member named Steady Eddie has a conversation with Bud about being a part of the band.  During this conversation, Steady Eddie asks Bud if he can “take” quite a few things.  First, Steady Eddie asks whether Bud can accept giving up his tattered suitcase and use something more acceptable for a band member.  Next, Steady Eddie asks whether Bud can accept practicing on an instrument for a full two hours a day.  This is what Herman E. Calloway requires.  Finally, Steady Eddie asks whether Bud can accept a simple “skinny wooden flute” (a recorder) until he is able to “move on to something a little more complicated.”  Bud answers in the affirmative to all of Steady Eddie’s questions.  In short (and in reference to your question), Bud is able to “take” all of these things.  In fact, Bud is ecstatic.

In conclusion, I should mention that your original question asked about a “phrase” that Bud could take.  In that regard, Steady Eddie is asking Bud whether he could “take” being called the nickname “Sleepy LaBone.”  Of course, Bud feels honored to be given a nickname by the band.