What is the statutory authority for public health in New York state? Identify the statute citation that establishes the public health infrastructure.

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The State of New York maintains a series of laws pertaining to a wide variety of subjects that fall within the purview of the state's authorities. Within that series of laws is one titled PBH: Public Health. Within this section of the New York Code are sections 1 through 50, all of which pertain to some facet of public health, and many of which, for example, Article II, contain regulations specific to public health infrastructure. The section of the New York Code pertaining to public health, including the public health infrastructure, is Title 10, including Section 225, which established the state's Public Health Council to monitor the state of, and issue recommendations on improvement of, the state's public health system. The Council works closely with the state Department of Health to ensure the proper maintenance of the public health infrastructure, which the Public Health Infrastructure Working Group, established to provide recommendations to the Council and Department of Health, defines as consisting of "workforce, organizational systems and relationships and data and information systems." That's a convoluted way of saying the infrastructure consists of medical and administrative personnel, facilities, and supporting information technology systems. A link to the complete compilation of New York State laws pertaining to public health is provided below.

Within Title 10 of the New York State Code, multiple subchapters deal with infrastructure issues, especially Chapter V, specific to "Medical Facilities," and Subchapter A, which establishes minimum requirements that must be met by all hospitals operating within the state. Additional legal citations pertaining to public health matters in New York are available. This citation links to the individual Articles within New York State laws pertaining to public health, including infrastructure. 

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