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What is Static Stretching?

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Static stretching is one type of exercise in which a person is expected to warm the muscles and prepare them for a workout session by a series of movements that are not fast nor involve interaction.

Rather, during the process of static stretching the coach will ask the trainee to use his or her own range of extension to touch specific parts of the body in order to elongate the muscle and extend the range of reach.

An example of static stretching would be Pilates and yoga in which a person would, for instance, stretch out the legs to their best ability and then try to reach them with their arms for a specific period of time. This is known to release energy while warming the muscles and making them toned and firm.

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Static stretching can be advanced forms of yoga or the basic stretches one learns as a child in physical education classes. The word static in relation to stretching is no movement. For example some static stretches would be simply keeping the legs straight and touching the toes. Or reaching back and stretching the quads.

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