The Lady or the Tiger? Questions and Answers
by Francis Richard Stockton

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In F. R. Stockton's story "The Lady, or the Tiger?" who are the static and dynamic characters?

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The king, the lady, and the young, handsome courtier are depicted as static characters. Their personalities and perspectives do not change throughout the story, and they do not undergo a significant internal change like a dynamic character. One could argue that the princess is the only dynamic character in Stockton's celebrated short story. The princess is portrayed as being semi-barbaric, like her father, and is initially in love with the young courtier. Her father eventually learns about their relationship and orders the courtier to stand trial in his infamous amphitheater, where the courtier will have to decide what door to choose. Behind one door is a ferocious tiger, and behind the other door is a lovely maiden. When the princess...

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