In F. R. Stockton's story "The Lady, or the Tiger?" who are the static and dynamic characters?

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A static character is one who does not change throughout the story; their personality and motivation never changes. However, a dynamic character is one whose personality or motivation changes through the course of the story or because of some life-changing event. It is difficult with Stockton's story, "The Lady, or the Tiger?" to decide if anyone's character truly changes because the ending is ambiguous. The king, the Lady, and the Courtier remain the same from beginning to end, but they aren't the ones who have to make a life-changing choice. It is the princess who decides to tell her lover which door to open and it is thought this decision that one would be able to see if the Princess is dynamic or static. The Princess is described as semi-barbaric like her father and her father never changes his mind about justice. The question remains at the end of the story, though, if love would persuade the Princess to act against her nature.


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