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This is a difficult question because one must think of all the places the Watsons passed through on their way to Birmingham. The Watsons begin their trip in Flint, Michigan. Momma has created a notebook entitled "The Watsons Go to Birmingham" that contains all the plans for the trip.

Momma's schedule for the trip begins with the family driving from Flint, Michigan, to Cincinnati, Ohio. Wilona planned for them to stay overnight in Cincinnati and then continue on to Knoxville, Tennessee. Following this, she intended them to drive from Tennessee to Birmingham, Alabama. If Daddy had followed her plans, it would bring the Watsons through Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and then Alabama. Although Momma has planned their route and stops very carefully, she doesn't count on Daddy deciding to drive the whole way through to save money on motels. Momma is angry when she finds out that Daddy has altered her plans, as she put a lot of effort into planning out the whole trip in her notebook.

There are no specific state capitals mentioned in the text. The capital of Michigan is Lansing, but the text only mentions the family driving through Flint. The capital of Ohio is Columbus, but only Cincinnati is mentioned. The capital of Tennessee is Nashville, but only Knoxville is mentioned. Finally, the capital of Alabama is Montgomery, but only the titular city of Birmingham is mentioned. There are no other specific cities mentioned in the other states along the Watsons's route.

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