What is Stargirl about? Who is the main character? Basic summary? Author: Jerry Spinelli What is the story about?

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Stargirl is about freedom and conformity. More specifically, it follows what happens when a strange and wonderful young woman named Stargirl enters a public high school. She's free-spirited, and unlike anything the students have seen. The students, including Leo the narrator, find her strange, then come to like her, then find her strange again. In Leo's case, the liking is personal--they become boyfriend and girlfriend--and in moving away from her, he breaks her heart and essentially betrays her. A fine and sad story.

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the main charter leo and at the same time he is the narratre so the story is based of of him. But stargirl is introduced one chapter later and until three end of the book so she main charter to plus the fact that het name is on the cover of the book too. The summary is about leo getting porkeypine tie. than stargirl comes to school and every thinks that she not real. Than she walk around during lunch starts singing happy birthday. so kevin try to get stargirl to go to the hot seat. she tells that she came yo the school to have friend and get a boyfriend.then stargirln falls in love with leo. so, in basic peole make fun of him calling him starboy. the more leo what to forget that this happened he started to like stargirl more. so, he went stargirls home and it was normal so he talk to her and they fell in love. they did everything together. but, one day stargirl was being diffrent and leo started to not love her.they had broken up. In sadness stargirl moved away with out telling him.

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sorry... I am in 5th grade but you did not have it. stargirl is about a girl who has been home schooled until she reaches 10th grade. every one is quite around her she is in a white gown. one day she was looking and staring at kids then she stopped two tables away from me. and started singing happy birthday. then everybudy clapped. every one think's she isnt real.   

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