What standard of proof must be met to deny a defendant bail?

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The main standard judges use to determine whether or not a person should be given bail is flight risk.  In other words, what is the likelihood that the defendant will not show up for trial.  Do they have a history of jumping bond?  Do they have ties to or property in the community?  How serious was the crime and possible punishment?  All of these factors determine whether or not a person is likely to jump bail and skip the upcoming trial.

In addition, a judge might consider whether or not the defendant has a criminal record that shows a tendency towards violent behavior, and therefore might be a danger to his/herself or others.  It is relatively rare that bail is denied, especially given the fact that so many trials may take a year or more to see the inside of a courtroom.  Given that the defendant is, by definition, not yet convicted, judges are often reluctant to deny bail altogether, and in doing so perhaps run afoul of the 8th Amendment prohibition of excessive bails, fines or punishments.  That does not prevent them sometimes from setting high bails in capital cases.


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The 8th Am's provision of excessive bail is not applicable to the states except in 1 federal appeals circuit, if I remember correctly. The practical effect of excessive bail is though, a denial of bail. State constitution's often have excessive bail provision's and or apply the federal 8th on thier own.
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