In what stage of the cell cycle does a cell spend most of its time?

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Eukaryotic cells have two parts of the cell cycle: Interphase and mitotic phase. It is the interphase in which a cell typically spends most of its time. During interphase, a cell grows and carries out the metabolic activities for regular growth and maintenance. It has been estimated that a cell typically spends about 90% of cell cycle time in the interphase. In this stage, the cell generates a lot of protein and grows to roughly double its original size. The key changes in this phase include division of mitochondria and chloroplasts and DNA duplication, among others. In this phase, the cell prepares for the subsequent division in the mitotic phase. If all the checkpoints are not met (i.e. cell found it was not ready for division), the cell does not divide and enters into a resting phase (G0-phase).

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