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What is Sri-Lanka's point of view about Muslims being treated unfairly in India?

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It is difficult to gauge Sri Lanka's position on the Hindu-Muslim challenges in India is because Sri Lanka itself is so politically unstable.  In order for one nation to make an effective statement about another, there has to be some level of domestic stability and footing that can allow such a statement to be taken seriously.  Sri Lanka's battles between the Sinhalese majority and the Tamilian minority makes it really unable to articulate a statement about any other nations' internal challenges.  The feverish pitch of nationalism is one that makes comment about other nations' predicaments nearly impossible:

Perhaps the politics of ethnic hatred and exclusion and extermination in modern times carries a potent hierarchical force. But in Sri Lanka this potential gathered much energy through the mythologies of nationalist rhetoric as this found a degree of acceptance in everyday religious and ritual practices. In other words, a nationalist argument of hierarchy—that the Tamil others should exist in a generally subordinate relation to Sinhala—was more evident given the nature of the mythological sources of Sinhala nationalism. The ethnic violence during the rioting in 1983, as well as the violence of the ensuing war involving attacks on Tamil civilian populations, often took a marked hierarchical form. Incidents were recorded of victims being forced to submit their bodies after the manner of Tamil victims before Sinhala heroes of the past. Some of the fury of the destruction, the radical disordering, often dismemberment of victims and fragmentation of their possessions, carried the disordering passion of a ritual process restructuring of person and world. In many respects the direction of the ethnic war as it developed in terms of strategy and in the control and occupation of territory assumed symbolic values appropriate to the nationalist mythologies that gave it impetus.

While India does have its challenges with the Muslim population, I don't think it approaches the level seen in the past in Sri lanka.  Even the conflict with the Jammu-Kashmir territory, it is not to the level where terms like "ethnic cleansing" and "genocide" can be applied as it can be in Sri Lanka.  This makes the Lankan position of comment on Indian affairs fairly difficult to substantiate.

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