What is Squealer's explanation for why the pigs must be given special foods? How do the other animals react to his explanation?

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In Chapter 3, Snowball and Napoleon agree that the pigs should rightfully eat the apples and use the milk in their mash instead of equally distributing it among the other animals on the farm. Initially, the animals murmur and complain. Then, Squealer explains to the animals that pigs are "brainworkers" and are responsible for the management and organization of the entire farm. He says that science has proved that apples and milk are very nutritious and contain substances necessary to the well-being of pigs. Squealer then says that if the pigs failed to complete their duties, then Jones would return to the farm. Upon hearing the possibility of Jones' return, the animals say no more. They understand the importance of the pigs' health because they fear that Jones will come back if the pigs neglect their duties. The animals agree that the pigs' health is of the utmost importance, and do not argue about them taking the apples and milk. 

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