The Stone Angel Questions and Answers
by Margaret Laurence

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What are the spritual and material things in Hagar's life?

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Unfortunately, Hagar doesn’t have much of a spiritual life. She is a head-strong and stubborn woman who believes that she can do everything on her own. Consequently, this has led to the deterioration and alienation of her husband Bram. As for material things, one of the main themes in this novel is that of ageing. Because Hagar is so accustomed to doing things on her own, and not relying or wanting anyone’s help, she is having great difficulty with the fact that she now needs others. Hagar has become quite dependant on Marvin and Doris (her daughter-in-law and son) because she is now very limited in what she can do. Doris and Marvin have had to sell her home and her things with it, which disturbs Hagar. She has lost control of her own life as well as of her possessions.

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