What sports that have translational or rotational or combination of both motions?Give the sport and then label it if it is translational, rotational or combination.

Expert Answers
ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I was originally a physical education teacher and majored in this subject before moving on to other areas.  If I am remembering correctly, a translational motion in sports would be the act of stepping out.  Rotational motion would be pivoting.  Most sports have these motions included in one way or another.  Basketball comes to mind right away because there is a great deal of a combination of both of these motions.  When a ball player is holding the basketball and wants to pass or maybe shoot and the basket or player is behind them, they must pivot on one foot being careful not to pick up their pivot foot.  This causes a great deal of rotational torque on the knee.  The transitional motion comes into play when they step out to dribble or pass.

Football also uses a combination of the two motions.  The stepping up into the pocket to pass the football would be transitional motion, and the turning, or the pivot to lateral to another player would be rotational.  Bowling would be transitional because you don’t pivot the foot when you bowl, but the ball itself is thrown in a transitional motion, and it also has rotational motion.  Volleyball would be transitional motion but again, there would be some rotational motion when pivoting for a dig, or a spike.  I honestly can’t think of any sport where both transitional and rotational motion would not be used.