What are the sports most played in Spain?

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As with most European countries, the most played sport in Spain is soccer (or football).  Spain won the championship in the last World Cup played (2010 in South Africa) and has long had one of the strongest leagues in the world.

Another major sport in Spain is basketball.  There are many Spaniards who are playing in the NBA right now.  The most famous of these is Pau Gasol, who plays for the Lakers.  Partly because of this, Spain's national basketball team has been strong.  They won the World Championships in 2006 and were second at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.


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ty3456 | Student

one is basketball of course.  famous people are pau &marc gasol, jose calderon, ricky rubio and more.

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  • Soccer (football)


  • Basketball


  • Handball


  • Volleyball


  • Bullfighting is a fairly popular spectator sport, but very few people participate in it.

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