What spoiled Christmas for Andy in Tears of a Tiger?

Expert Answers

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As Andy tells his psychiatrist last Christmas was especially hard for him. This is because it reminded him of the tragic loss of his close friend Rob. Andy would normally do a bunch of stuff with Rob during the holiday season. But with Rob having passed away, there was a huge void in Andy's life during the Christmas holidays.

Andy goes on to reminisce about all the things that he and Rob used to do together during the holiday season. They'd hang out at department stores and bug the sales assistants, who'd be scared that Rob and Andy planned to steal stuff as they were black. The sales assistants would get particularly antsy when the two close friends used to walk around those sections selling the most expensive items. For good measure, Rob and Andy would make a nuisance of themselves by asking where the black Santa was. They never meant any harm by goofing around like this; they just enjoyed playing upon people's racial prejudices for a joke.

But now that Rob's no longer around the fun has gone out of Christmas for Andy, as it's gone out of his life in general. What should have been a happy time of year, a time of joy and jollity, was a thoroughly miserable occasion as it acted as a constant reminder of his terrible loss.

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