What spiritual reassesssment is evident in the ending of Jane Eyre?how does it signifigant to the work in a whole?

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archteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since "reassessment" indicates a new evaluation of something, we should look for characters that change their attitudes or decisions at the end of the text.  The most obvious one is Jane.  You'll remember that she left Rochester and Thornfield earlier in the book.  Now, at the end, she has changed her mind and come back to Rochester.  To answer your teacher's question, you need to figure out what is behind Jane's change of heart.  How is she able to get past the issue of Rochester's wife?  What changes in Jane's own life might enable her to join Rochester when she couldn't before?  What changes in Rochester might have influenced her?  Remember that the word "spiritual" indicates an inner change, so focus on what every element of your answer means for Jane internally.

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