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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Spiritual formation is the act of placing an individual in an environment in which he/she can attain spiritual growth by means of academic learning along with spiritual experiences in place and various disciplines. That is, spiritual formation emphasizes a holistic approach: a spiritual nurturing of body, mind, and spirit. The main focus of spiritual formation is upon Jesus Christ and the continuing development of the inner being of the individual.

In order to accomplish these goals there are Spiritual Academies that offer organized programs. One such program involves Five-Day Academies that convene in various locations throughout the world. During this five-day session, participants meet twice a day. In the morning, there is discussion on the importance of the Word of God. Participants examine the spirituality of the Hebrews through Psalms and the life of Christ in the New Testament. Afternoon sessions explore spirituality from the perspectives of Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant sects. On the final day, the two sessions look at spiritual leadership as it pertains to the global context and daily life with Christ. 

Therefore, spiritual formation involves formal and informal study, involvement in churches and organized religion, through service and prayer and other spiritual disciplines.