During The Odyssey, what specifically does Athena do to help Telemachus in book 2?

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In book 2, Athena helps Telemachus in several ways. First, when Telemachus addresses the people, he approaches them as a young prince with all of the immaturity and inexperience he has. However, Athena graces him with power to control his speech and impress the people.

Although the people are impressed, some dissenters make this difficult. Later in the book, she helps again by appearing as a local advisor, Mentor. Telemachus listens to Mentor (who is really Athena) and grows excited to complete a journey or search in the effort to find Odysseus.

A little later, she disguises herself as Telemachus and prepares the entire ship for the journey.

Therefore, Athena motivates, encourages, and serves Telemachus making his quest possible. Each of her three acts contributed to his ability to take the trip, but he has no idea that she did them. Oh, she also went along disguised as Mentor... that makes a total of four actions to help him.

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Why is she so kind to Telemachus? Is there some background information or some sort of connection between the two? Or is she just  a really nice and thoughtful person in general?

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