During The Odyssey, what specifically does Athena do to help Telemachus in book 2?

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When Telemachus wakes up at the beginning of the book, "marvelous was the grace Athena cast about him," and people cannot take their eyes off of him as he walks toward them. She makes Telemachus appear in more princely and impressive than he already was, and he benefits from this treatment by seeming to be more authoritative and powerful.  

Later, Telemachus goes to the shore, and he prays to Athena and expresses his upset that the Achaeans do not follow her commands. She then comes to him in the shape of Mentor, and she promises that, if he is like his brave father, the voyage to find his father will "not be vain and fruitless." On the other hand, if he is not his mother's and father's son in terms of his character and courage, then she has little hope of his voyage succeeding. She tells Telemachus to pay no mind to the suitors, as they are all in for it ultimately anyway (and she predicts the manner in which they will die). She promises to provide Telemachus with a ship, the best...

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