What specific steps does Montresor take to ensure that his plan works in "The Cask of Amontillado"?

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Montresor carefully plans his revenge against Fortunato:

He ensures that his servants are out of the house the night of the murder so that nobody can report that Fortunato was in his house the night he disappeared.

He picks the night of the Carnival, a raucous evening of partying, when Fortunato's disappearance is unlikely to be noticed.

He ensures that Fortunato is drunk so that he won't be alert to danger. Montresor even takes liquor with him into the catacombs to keep Fortunato from sobering up.

He also never lets on that he is angry at Fortunato, so Fortunato has no reason to suspect he will be murdered. 

Finally, he plans to commit his murder in isolated catacombs where nobody will hear Fortunato's cries for help. 

Montresor's goals are twofold: first, he wants Fortunato to know that he is taking vengeance on him, and second, he wants to be sure nobody else discovers the murder. Because he chains and then walls up Fortunato, Fortunato clearly understands that what is happening is no...

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