What specific scenes or symbols are used as an example of loyalty or disloyalty in the above film?

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We can't answer this question unfortunately because there is no mention of which precise film you are talking about. However, you might like to go back to the film and investigate this question yourself. If the theme you are looking at is loyalty and disloyalty, consider what points in the plot are good examples of this theme. For example, are there any characters in this film that betray each other? That would be an obvious example of disloyalty. Then consider how this moment is expressed in the film. Are any symbols used to indicate this? Similarly for loyalty, what moments in the film can be related to this key word? How is that loyalty expressed on film? You also might like to think about body language and how this can be used to express both loyalty and disloyalty. I have included a link to symbols below to hopefully give you more information in this area.