What is a specific scenario for which you might have to create a long formal report, analyzing what would be needed to make the report effective?

Expert Answers
brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Any number of situations in the business world might require a long, formal report to be prepared and presented.  Most larger companies (and many small ones too) compile what is referred to as an annual report, which gives investors, managers, stockholders and employees an overall view of how the year went for the business, identifying general and specific trend lines.

For such a report to be successfully prepared, it would need to include statistics on revenue for the year, as well as expenditures, with each of these sections broken down into detailed segments, such as advertising, travel, salaries and benefits, office supplies, facility maintenance, etc.  In this way one can tell exactly where the money is going to and where it is coming from.

The report would contain information on units produced or sold, where the most valuable markets had been, and what the companies debt and cash flow look like.  Also, any potential investor could then look at all of the numbers and decide if they are willing to put money into the company.