What are the specific policies and operating practices that Nucor has employed to implement and execute its chosen strategy?

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

According to Nucor's governance and responsibility pages, the company is led by three principles that drive their operating practices. 

The first, is environmental sustainability.

The company is determined to reduce its environmental print by appealing to a policy of awareness. This awareness consists on making the least possible impact in the Earth's pollution, and focusing on recycling and reusing. According to Nucor's leadership:

Our company is built on the sustainable model of recycling steel in massive volumes, and we continue to push recycled content into steel products where it was never considered viable.

This means that the company is going above and beyond trying to find solutions that will accommodate a recycling initiative. Nucor aims to "reduce emissions" and "increase energy efficiency" through using water recycling technology. They also prevent pollution by early identification of radiation in their scrap products. The company has a budget allocated for investments related to environmental protection. 

The second initiative is community outreach.

Nucor makes an effort to develop a presence in the communities where they work and have made a point to make volunteerism one of the required policies expected of all employees. Therefore, the company wants to include their stakeholders, both immediate and at-large, in their efforts of making a positive influence in the community. 

The third initiative is workplace safety. 

The rationale behind this particular initiative is very interesting. In Nucor's particular history, their data shows that workplace safety is a factor that increases quality work performance. As a result of this, the company has made investments to ensure that the workers are doing their job in optimal conditions and at low risk. The reason why this is interesting is because different companies comply with workplace safety as a matter of fact. Nucor has found a way to make a statistical correlation between keeping workers safe and the increase in their work performance. 

You can find out more information about North Carolina's Nucor in the link provided below, and just look into the "responsibility" tab of the page, which is where governance posts the mission and vision of the corporation.