What are specific places of worship for Islam?

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The most holy place of worship for Muslims is the city  of Mecca. The mosque which houses the Kabba (a large black, stone cube) is the most sacred site in the world for Muslims. The Kabba is said to have been (re)built by Abraham as the very first mosque or house of worship. The Kabba and the city of Mecca are so important that when Muslim people perform their daily prayers, they do so facing the direction of this most holy place. At least once in a lifetime, Muslim people are required to make the hajj or pilgrimage to visit the Kabba.

On a more local level, Muslim people perform worship in a temple called the mosque or masjid. Most Muslims visit their local mosque at least once a week, and some visit for prayer multiple times a day. Worship in the mosque is in addition to prayer by oneself, and becomes especially important during holidays like Ramadan. The mosque itself is not just a religious building, it is also considered a community building. It is a place where the community can get to know and support each other. 

When a Muslim person prays, it is typically done on a special rug to ensure that the space for prayer is clean. The use of this rug for prayer temporarily demarcates a sacred space for worship.

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