What specific items ought to be listed on a report card that is used to evaluate a federal bureaucracy?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This will depend a great deal on what sort of a bureaucratic agency we are talking about.  The specifics will have to have a lot to do with what kind of service it is supposed to provide.  For example, the Army's report card would very different components than that of the IRS.

A report card would have to have items that show how well the agency is accomplishing its mission.  This would assume that its mission is well defined.  So, for the IRS, it would presumably include such things what percentage of taxes due have actually been collected.  There would also need to be some measure of how well it treats its customers.  This, though, would have to be done on the basis of surveys.

Finally, I would think that you would need to have some sort of way of measuring efficiency.  You would need to have a metric for how much the agency accomplishes relative to how much money it spends.

Overall, this would all be very difficult to do objectively.  For example, how do we actually measure the IRS's efficiency?  How do we know how much money should be spent on it?  How do we know how much its customers should like it?