What are specific examples (quotes) of poetic justice, destiny versus free will, and gender roles and nature "out of order" in Macbeth? I really want to write a great paper and any help given to me would be greatly appreciated.

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Poetic justice is portrayed in the death of Macbeth himself. He who had caused the death of so many to gain the throne loses his life because he has gained that throne. In Act V Scene 8 Lines 32-40: "I will not yield/ To kiss the ground before young Malcolm's feet / And to be baited with the rabble's curse. / Though Birnham Wood be come to Dunsinane / And though opposed, being of no woman born, / Yet I will try the last. Before the body / I throw my warlkike shield. Lay on, Macduff, / And damned be him that first cries 'Hold! Enough!'"

Macbeth first acted on the words of the witches , but did not give their second prophecy enough heed, and thus did not take the necessary steps that could have saved his throne, as he took them to procure it. What got him the...

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