A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

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Duality In A Tale Of Two Cities

What are specific examples of dualites within A Tale of Two Cities?

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Dickens begins the novel with antithesis, comparing London and England.  In this case, he is drawing the reader to the concept of dualities from the start.  He continues by describing many dualities.  Here are some examples.  The novel explores opposite concepts and opposite characters

Character Foils

A foil is a character who exists to present contrast.  Consider  the “honest tradesman” Jerry Cruncher, who is a resurrectionist because he is a grave robber.  His despicable nature serves in direct contrast to the humble and responsible Jarvis Lorry, who is also a resurrectionist because he brings Dr. Manette back to life.  Then of course there are the “twins” Sydney Carton and Charles Darnay, who are opposites in many ways.  Carton is irresponsible, while Darnay is responsible.  Carton is brilliant, while Darnay does some...

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