What are the specific chapters where we can find social inequality and co-existence of good and evil? (with the quotes of the characters) Thanks!!!

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CHAPTER 1.  This introduces Boo Radley and the injustices dealt by his family and the town.
CHAPTER 2.  The Cunningham family and their plight is the central theme.
CHAPTERS 2 & 3.  These chapters concern Miss Caroline and her treatment of the first graders.
CHAPTER 7.  This deals with Mr. Radley's white lie to Jem and his cementing of the knothole to prevent Boo from communicating with the kids.
CHAPTER 8.  Mr. Avery blames the kids for the unexpected snowfall.
CHAPTER 9.  Scout feels she receives unfair treatment from her Aunt Alexandra and Uncle Jack.
CHAPTER 12.  Jem and Scout discover the inequities at the First Purchase Church with Calpurnia.
CHAPTER 14.  This deals with Dill's running away from home because of the neglectful behavior of his parents.
CHAPTERS 17-22.  These chapters deal with the trial and the unfair verdict given Tom Robinson.
CHAPTER 24.  The hypocrisy of the Missionary Circle is revealed.
CHAPTER 26.  The hypocrisy of Scout's teacher, Miss Gates, is shown.

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